Meal Information

Here's the scoop on the meals we have planned at reunion!

Friday Dinner

We're having a Mexican burrito bar. All those attending reunion for this meal above the age of 3 are asked to pay for the meal. We hope that this format for dinner will created a relaxed feeling as we kick off our weekend. We know many are traveling far to get back to campus, and certainly traveling with kids can be exhausting. So come, have a drink at social hour and then find just the right combo of ingredients at dinner to satisfy every appetite! Oh, and dinner will be in the Hazard Quad tent - we couldn't be closer to our home base dorm if we wanted!

Saturday Lunch

We've opted to go with the College picnic for Saturday lunch. We're in the Bates Dining Hall for lunch and we're joining up with the Class of 1996. Cross your fingers for beautiful weather and we'll all head out to the grassy area by the dorm for lunch instead of being inside. We can soak up some rays, catch up, and let those pre-alumnae and their brothers roam free and let off some energy! If the picnic lunch isn't what appeals, feel free to pick up something or order delivery to campus and brown bag it. The point is to be together, so eat what you want!

Saturday Dinner

It's been a challenge, an experience, a thought process, and well, a bit of a battle with the WCAA about our dinner plans, but they are going to be awesome! Breaking with the trend of using the tried and true caterers list (think clam bakes and BBQ meals), we've opted to go with a food truck! A little less fancy than a sit down, plated dinner and a little more low key, but that's the goal. We're in the Davis Museum Plaza tent for our Saturday night social hour, class meeting, and dinner. So come ready to drink and schmooze, meet the new board, close out the silent auction, and then as your tummy grumbles, saunter over to the food truck for your dinner. The Clover Food Lab does a seasonal selection of sandwiches and salads with drinks, too. We'll have more food in the tent as well to round out the meal. And for dessert....Ice Cream Jubilee thanks to Victoria Lai! There will be plenty for all to eat and enjoy. There is a kids' meal option for Saturday night and kids are most welcome to the tent for our class dinner. There will also be a babysitting option in our dorm living room that will include pizza for dinner. And then after dinner and dessert we'll team up with the class of '76 to party the night away!

Sunday Lunch

The Linden Store is preparing us trays of sandwiches for lunch - meat and veggie options. We will have wrap and bags if you have to jet, but we'd love it if you can stick around and wind down reunion all together. Fear not, we'll have chips, drinks, and other picnic kinds of food to go with the sandwiches, too. This meal we are are in the Chapel Lawn Tent, another great spot where there is plenty of green space near by for the more energetic reunion attendees to run off their energy!