d7d89c1bc145ce112dc158e9841483a2Making Reunion Extraordinary!

We have an awesome reunion weekend put together. Your loyal reunion committee has worked hard to keep all charges down; overall pricing, and pricing transarency, have been a priority. We heard your feeback from the fall survey that for some classmates the price of reunion is a potentially limiting factor. We also heard that for some classmates it is not a limitation. So this reunion we are trying a different approach.


As part of each registration, there are meal costs. We have structured these to not include "padding" to help fund other needs. Instead, we're going to try a different approach this time. We are asking classmates to make an additional small gift to the Reunion Awesomeness Fund that will help to underwrite aspects of the reunion experience. These include:

  • sponsoring faculty and staff guest invitations to our dinners and/or social hours
  • small prizes for completing the scavenger hunt on Friday
  • snacks and arts & crafts supplies in our family hospitality suite on Friday and Saturday
  • ordering pizzas to be delivered to our dorm late Friday to manage the munchies for late-night-catching up
  • enhancing our social hour budget slightly
  • helping underwrite our insignia purchase to ensure it can be a free give-away to all


Any and all contributions to the Reunion Awesomeness Fund will help your reunion committee bolster our programming with little things like those above. Will you help make this possible? Follow the links below to make a gift.

If you'd like to underwrite a particular idea mentioned above, or allocate your gift to a particular designation, please email Rachel at swellesley2001@gmail.com.


Thank you - we appreciate all the support, of any variety, that you provide!
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