Are you coming to reunion with kids in tow?

Do you live near campus and have kids' gear stashed away?

Our class is working hard to make reunion enjoyable to our classmates bring the kids and family along by helping you, hopefully, bring less stuff!

We've got plans to set up the dorm living room as a family hospitality suite, complete with baby gate at the door, on Friday and Saturday until our social hours. Saturday night there will be babysitting in our dorm living room with pizza for dinner and a movie showing, for those parents who don't want to bring their kids to the class dinner. We'll have some outdoor space near the dorm fenced off so you and your kids can play outside and not worry, too much, about kids or balls going into the street. Of course, parents need to be with their kids, but hopefully alumnae and their partners won't have to be so intensely on-duty in these areas. And we're working on transportation matchmaking to help those of you coming from afar not need to schlepp carseats, if possible, by finding classmates able to give rides.

It takes a village, right? So you can help by offering up your baby gear not in use on this form and offering a ride on this form. And if you need gear or need a ride, use the form too so we can hook you up!

We want reunion to be relaxing and enjoyable for everyone!