Happy Birthday, Class of 2001!

Okay, maybe not yet, but between September, 2018 and August, 2019 most of us will be turning 40. To celebrate our collective decaquadriennal (we made that up) your class Executive Board will be running a 40 For 40 campaign! In the spirit of celebrating by giving back, over the next year we are going to make every effort to get 40 new classmates to pay their Lifetime Dues to the Class of 2001.

Lifetime Dues are separate from annual giving/contributing to the Wellesley Fund; they are what allow the class to stay solvent and to plan and execute class events. Lifetime Dues provide perpetual income for the class, and with that income we subsidize meals at reunion, pay for or subsidize childcare, travel, or accommodations for those classmates who need them, provide whatever excellent green swag we will rock in the reunion parade, help fund mini reunions around the globe, and do any other programming the class wants to see happen. Lifetime Dues are vital to the ongoing health and development of Class of 2001 events.

So over the next year, we want you to consider a gift to your whole class by becoming a Lifetime Dues member (if you are not sure if you have already paid, email any of your officers, who can check on that for you; the information is also available by logging into our class page through the Wellesley website). Lifetime Dues are normally $250, but during this campaign the first 10 people to pay can become Lifetime members for just $150! The next 10 can pay Lifetime Dues of $200!  We will update the number of donors on our Facebook class page as well as our class website through the alumnae portal.  After that, dues are $250 again for all.

If you have already paid you can still help! Unlike Annual Giving, Lifetime Dues cannot be broken up into installments. So there are many of our classmates who would like to pay, but don’t have that kind of money available all at once. If you would be interested in paying in to a fund to help offset or match a classmate’s contribution, we would love to have your help.  Please reach out to Nilu directly (her email address is at the end of the letter). Don’t think you can afford class dues or would like to pay in installments?  Please reach out to Nilu who is more than happy to talk out options. As a reminder, all these donations are tax deductible.  Our 20th Reunion is closer than you think. If we all pitch in to enroll as many classmates as possible on the Lifetime Dues roll, we will have an extraordinary reunion! 

This is not the last you will hear from us about ways to celebrate our 40th birthdays. Look out for emails from us as well as posts to the Facebook page and, hopefully, our class page through the Wellesley website.

In addition to looking ahead for the next year, we also have some exciting Virtual Mini-Reunions coming up this fall.  Please check your email, Facebook, and the class webpage for more information.  Not getting the emails?  Let the Alumnae Office know or check your profile using your Wellesley login.

Finally we want to use this communication to you to update you all on a change to our class board.  Due to personal circumstances, Khuthaza Ngodwane-Stubbs is no longer able to continue in her role as president.  We are grateful for her service to the class.   The Board has elected current VP Jenny Caplan and current W Fund Rep Alex Somers Lahr to take over as co-presidents until our next reunion. 

With Wellesley Cheer,

The Class of 2001 Board

Ways to pay your class lifetime dues:

  • Pay online! https://2001.alum.wellesley.edu/memsub.html
  • Mail Nilu a check. Please write her at nhaghighat@alum.wellesley.edu so she can send you her address.
  • Nilu can even take Venmo payments and transfer them to our class account. Her Venmo ID is Neeloofar-Jenks.
  • Please reach out to Nilu if you need to establish a payment plan. Payment plans would need to be paid by check or Venmo. Nilu can keep track of payments until you reach $250.